I can provide different services, I mostly work as a lightoperator or designer, but I can also provide different video services like live video with live visuals or with a combination of Imag and visuals. I can also setup a live stream with up to 4 camera’s, or a combination of livestream and live video for a concert or a meeting.

It’s also possible to provide different audio solutions. In the time that I work I have built a network of freelancers with whom we have built a collective. So that we can offer a complete tour package. In the discipline of light, sound and video. For corporate jobs as well as for tours or theater tours. 

More information about this down below or contact me! 

Light Operator,

This what I do most as a house operator and as a touring operator, for music venues and different tours with bands theatertours and festivals. 

Light Design,

I can design tourpackages, lighting plots for stages or festivals, theatertours and also provide operators for you! 

Live Stream,

It’s possible to provide video and audio service for podcasts, live jam sessions, live concert streaming or multi cam registration. 

Live Video,

With live video it’s possible to show visuals, but it is also possible to use live video up to 4 camera’s with different effects or together with visuals and lyrics. Or video for corporate jobs, with presentations or live video.