About me,

After I finished my study stage and event technology, I started working as a freelance light operator. And came across all the different disciplines from working for rentall companies to operating theater shows, but mostly I operate for bands and different dance productions.

The last year I started getting more interested in video so I began learning Resolume and Notch vfx, and trying different ways how I can intergrade video and lighting together. For more information about that, please contact me!

What I find most interesting about working as a lightoperator/designer is the combination of the technical aspect with the artistic aspect, how you can set different moods or effects with the help of the different types of lights.

With a couple of colleagues I started forming a collective, because for the integration of video and lighting you need two people. And so I found some professionals to work with for audio lighting and video! If you are looking for a complete tour package! Or just for a light operator or designers let me know! 


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